Corbieres is this magnificent, unspoiled area South of the Languedoc region nestled in between the
Pyrenees and the beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean Sea, surrounded by the famous Cathar castles.

It seems untouched since the Roman days (Narbonne was the capital town of the Roman Gaule) and Perpignan was the border town between France and Spain.

Among the numerous things to do while over here, a trip to Barcelona, the Canal du Midi, tasting wines, the , tasting African Reservation in Sigean, the Farmer's Market.

The village of Villeseque, where our houses are located, is a charming and quiet typical South of France village,in the middle of hilly vineyards. It is close by some famous restaurants and is 3 kilometers from Durban which is the capital town of Hautes Corbières.


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Skiing, hiking, camping, kayaking in the beautiful Pyrenees mountains is only 2 hours from Villeseque.

Villeseque is only a half hour away from the beautiful stretched beaches of Leucate, La Nouvelle and La Franqui. The road that leads to the beaches crosses vineyards and hills and is probably the most charming road in the region.

This ancient Roman capital has a very nice old town with narrow, pedestrian old streets around the Cathedral with lots of nice shops, nice restaurants and bars. It is about 30 minutes from Villeseque.

Perpignan is the nearby city, with all you can expect from a city, shopping, cinemas, theatres, musical bars, museums and the Catalan culture, which is really something to experience! You'll love to loose yourself into the narrow streets of the old town, which leads to the impressive cathedral and the unique cloister-cemetery in Europe. Perpignan, in fostering its Catalan spirit sets herself apart from other French cities, she is certainly part of the funky in-crowd akin to Toulouse and Montpellier with fine dining, musical concerts of all genres - Bob Dylan was the headliner for this year’s summer festival - numerous art exhibitions, theatres, art house cinemas, eclectic bistros, tea houses and tapas bars, chic night clubs, and fantastic boutique shopping.

Being only 2 hours by car from Barcelona makes it a must, including a late night dinner (you can eat till 1 PM in most restaurants).

Of course the world famous Canal du Midi is a must when you're staying in the area, it is about 25 minutes from Villeseque.

The Corbieres vineyard was founded by the Greeks some 2500 years ago, and was then developed by the Romans when they invaded 500 years later. The varietals here are some of the oldest in the world, old Carignan and Grenache, best suited to produce authentic terroir wines. Corbieres has a lot of up and coming organic wines, delightful red and rosé wines which are new on the table of high end restaurants in Europe.

In Sigean, 15 minutes from Villeseque, is the world famous African Reservation with its huge plain, looking like you're in the middle of the African swamp. There lions, giraffes, elephants and crocodiles wander free. Graceful pink flamingos on the lakes, drowsy aligators in the river, mischievious bears, peaceful rhinos. At sunset it is a dream.

On Thursdays and Sundays in Narbonne, the huge and scented market where you'll find local cheese, wines, fruits, fish, vegetables, fresh bread but also lots of fashion clothes and shoes at amazing prices, everything to bargain....