VILLA SECCATA, the Roman name of Villeseque, consisted of 6 different roman villas, which sites are still around today. A Roman villa was a big farmhouse surrounded by peasants family houses, they were usually given to Roman warriors as a retirement gift and that was also a way to develop colonization by the Roman Empire. 300 people live here, and the main activity is wine making of course. There is a cafe restaurant "Le Marronier" - photo Villeseque1 in the center of the village where all the locals meet for the apéritif around 7 PM at night.

The closest restaurant is
Le Chateau de Bonnafous, just outside the village, with its outdoor terrace and tasty traditional local dishes.

One step further, you have
l'Auberge de Fontjoncouse, a 2 star Michelin restaurant, 10 minutes away, wonderful gastronomy and attracting people from all over Europe.


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The village of Villeseque

















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